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Andra Vågens Slöjd


Andra Vågens Slöjd - Since 2010

My name is Jonatan Hedetoft i was born and raised in Malmö.

I have worked with crafts since young age, and it have changed expression thru out the years. Since 2015  i  am also a cabinetmaker and soon i will have a BA Degree in Wood Oriented Furniture Design from HDK.

My practice and approach to design have not changed that much. I have always been working with sustainability, upcycle and circular economy. 

The newcomer is social sustainability. I am bipolar and when i got burned out and really sick, i did realise how little design it was that actually included both me and the others that suffer of mental health. 

There is a big need and a big gap when it comes to design that includes thoose who suffer of both nerurlogical and psychologial obstacles.

My mission became to break walls and stigmas, build bridges and solutions to fill the need for the people with mental health issues.

" You make your strengths stronger, so they can compensate your weaknesses! "

- Jonathan Mooney