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Jonatan Hedetoft


My design process

Andra Vågens Slöjd


Andra Vågens Slöjd was formed in 2010 the North Part of Sweden, In the time when i studied Traditional Crafts. Since start i have become not only a Craftsman and designer. Now a days im also influencial and inspire a lot of people with my approach in to design and crafts. I break stigmas and walls to build bridges. This is a part of my design process.

My two darlings is climate and social sustainability. They are part of my design process.

I am bipolar and with that said the social sustainability have taken a big part in my practice and approach to design, it is hard to have mental obstacles now a days, because there is not much out on the market when it comes to design, that really can fill our needs. So that is my challenge to change that direction! That is part of my design process! It is parts that shape me as a designer in this modern society we live in today.

  • Material
  • Social Sustainability
  • Sloyd
  • Communication