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Jonatan Hedetoft


Andra Vågens Slöjd

Andra Vågens Slöjd - Since 2010

My name is Jonatan Hedetoft i was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden.

My journey started with crafts in a young age, i had a hard time in school so creativity was my strength. My knowledge is across over many different types of proffessions and fields. Since 2015  i  am a cabinetmaker. In 2020 i graduate at the bachelors degree in Wood Oriented Furniture Design, Academy of Design and Crafts - University of Gothenburg.

My first direction was traditional crafts and later on sustainable ways to produce furniture.

In 2018 my life changed in a mental way, at that point i started to work with Mental Health Design.

Now i only work in that field of but with sustainable materials that do not harm our environment. In my sparetime i do regular traditional crafts without any boundaries to keep the hands busy.

My main mission is to break walls and stigmas, build bridges and solutions to fill the need for the people with mental health issues.

" You make your strengths stronger, so they can compensate your weaknesses! "

- Jonathan Mooney